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Biggest Events in Poker for 2011: Black Friday, 2011 WSOP, ...

A lot happened in the world of poker in 2011, although there was clearly one event that overshadowed everything else. And while Black Friday was definitely not good for the game it was not all doom and gloom, there were some positives as well. We there look back at the biggest events in poker in 2011.

pokerhandThe biggest event in the world of poker in 2011, by far, was Black Friday, it completely overshadowed everything else that happened during the year. Black Friday occurred when the United States Department of Justice began investigating online poker sites for fraud. The result of the investigation was that criminal charges were laid against several online casinos. Even more importantly laws were brought in that effectively make it impossible for Americans to play online poker. This has prevented millions of people who regularly played online from doing so.

As part of the fall out from Black Friday two of the biggest online casinos in the world failed, one in particular in spectacular fashion. Full Tilt poker was a site that was owned by several of the biggest stars in the world of poker including Chris Ferguson. The result of the Justice Department's investigation showed that over the previous four years they had defrauded players for more than four hundred million dollars. Clearly this led to criminal charges being filed and the collapse of the site. The involvement of some of poker's biggest stars just made the story even more shocking.

While Black Friday and the fallout from it were the dominant stories in 2011 they were not the only thing that occurred during the year. On a much more positive note the World Series of Poker was a huge success. The big story of WSOP was the win in the main event by twenty two year old Pius Heinz. A player who had gained most of his poker experience online he came to Las Vegas and picked up his first major tournament win. The event was also notable for how many young players who had learned to play the game online made it to the final table. There is clearly a changing of the guard amongst the top players in the world of poker.

It was not just the results of the 2011 World Series of Poker that made it notable. The event also took steps to improve the experience for both players and fans. For starters a much larger facility was used which allowed more players to enter. In order to encourage this lower entry fees where charged. The result was the most players in the events history. For the first time ever the final was actually broadcast live in its entirety by ESPN, a clear indication that poker remains as popular as ever.